Why Wider

The generative event.

Wider creates customized events, from the strategy to the execution.
Every generative event is designed to involve the hearing in an active way.
It is therefore that the remind of the contents dear the company will be kept alive and accurate, and will continue to generate value over time.

We are loyal to our method.

First of all: building the bridge between the identity of the company and the communication objectives of the event.
Then, on that base, working on the creative concept.
We call it generative concept, because it must have a great generative potential.
Strategically rigorous, but with the wings to make creativity fly high and its breath away.

Not to brag, but… our strong points are:

– senior players –
– armonization of the event with the communication plan –
– constant research of innovation in technologies and languages –

We manage all the aspects of the event.
No one missing.

Strategic analysis and consultation
Event direction
Personalized shows
Organization office
Art direction -scenography-graphic
Video and multimedia contents
Location scouting
Catering selection
Screenplays and copy
Event online and offline notice
Testimonials research
Database creation and management